If you drive a Tesla Roadster, you know the rattling in the rear and the clicking in the front. These are signs that the shock absorbers are wearing out. But what do you do when the shocks are worn out and the original parts are no longer available? Don’t panic, we‘ve looked for a solution to the problem and found it! Just so you know what we’re talking about, here’s a bit of technical history:

Originally, the Roadster came with two different dampers. The base models had simple oil-pressure dampers, while the Sport models (and all Signature models) had coil-overs with gas-pressure dampers. In principle, these were the same parts used in the Lotus Elise and Opel Vauxhall Speedster, as the suspension geometry of the cars is identical. To accommodate the Tesla Roadster’s 400kg increase in weight, the dampers were fitted with reinforced springs from Eibach.

These springs have not been available for a long time. As a result, when the dampers in the Tesla Roadster wore out, they had to be sent to an outside supplier to be rebuilt. This was inconvenient, rarely worked smoothly, and you simply couldn’t get the parts back to their original condition. After a short time, the old noises returned. We’ve looked for a better alternative – with success.

A renowned manufacturer in the Netherlands developed a new damper for us, specially designed for the weight of the Roadster and harmonized with the springs of the sport shock absorbers from Eibach. The new shock absorbers are fully adjustable in rebound and compression just like the original shock absorbers of the sports models and are of course TÜV approved. We offer these new parts permanently, the delivery time is about 3 weeks.