HV Training Courses

Our training courses are designed for anyone who works with electric vehicles. In particular, automotive service professionals and emergency responders who work on or near high-voltage components.

In our high-voltage training, you will learn to recognize and avoid hazards when working on high-voltage systems.

Well-trained personnel in the field electromobility increases safety and saves time and costs.

Level S training

Level S

Training for e-drivers
A must for your employees

Companies that include electric and hybrid vehicles in their fleet are obliged to train their employees in their use according to BGB § 618. The primary duty to prevent accidents always lies with the employer! They have to protect their employees from dangers to life and health. For this reason, Level S training (Sensitized Person DGUV-I 209-093) is also required by law for people who only occasionally use electric and hybrid vehicles.

Level S training – as the basis for all advanced training courses authorizing work on HV vehicles. It covers all the basic requirements for working on electric and hybrid vehicles.
After successful participation, it enables the safe handling of vehicles and loading equipment.

Duration: 4 h
Cost: 100,00 €/person

Training for Fire and Emergency Services

More and more electric vehicles are on the roads in Germany. Fire and rescue services need to be prepared for new situations. It is true that accidents involving electric vehicles do not pose a greater risk than those involving cars with internal combustion engines. But the challenges for the emergency services are different.
The goal of our seminar is the preparation of fire and rescue service personnel for the safe handling of high-voltage vehicles in the event of accidents and fires.

Level 1S and 2S training

Level 1S, 2S

Qualification in handling electric vehicles
High voltage training for your company

Companies that sell, service or repair electric and hybrid vehicles are required to train their employees in the handling of these vehicles according to BGB § 618. As soon as service work or repairs are carried out on the vehicle, training for qualification level 1S (qualified instructor according to DGUV-I 209-093) or qualification level 2S is required: Qualified person (FHV) according to DGUV-I 209-093 is required. This means HV training is an essential factor for all companies in the automotive sector to remain competitive in the future.

Level 1S training – required for all work on unpowered HV systems and components or in the danger zone.

After attending S1 training, you will be able to work independently and safely on vehicles with HV systems. You will be able to identify potential hazards and take the necessary protective measures to avoid them.
Duration: 1 day
Cost: 300,00 € / person

Level 2S training is required for all work on de-energized HV systems and components or in hazardous areas (e.g. repair, measurement and insulation resistance, replacement, modification and testing).

Duration: 2 days (20 hours)
Cost: 500,00 € / person

Our Know-how

As a high-voltage training center, Marsorbiter is the right partner to train your employees. We have the necessary knowledge and many years of experience in the training of professional drivers.

Our Mission

During our training courses, we want to impart new knowledge and skills, inspire joy in electric mobility, see happy faces at the end and learn something ourselves during each course.

For a better electric driving

If you enjoy doing something, you automatically do it better. If our participants leave inspired and with new knowledge, we have achieved our goal.

Training location

The training courses take place at our premises in the Malsfeld industrial park. If required, we can also come to your company and train independent of manufacturers or brands.

electrical with safety

Download more information about training level S

Download more information about training levels 1S and 2S

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At our facility in Malsfeld, Germany, or on site at your facility, we offer brand-independent training.

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