Repair and service for all Electric Vehicles

Our carefree package for you and your vehicle. We take care of all possible problems concerning your electric car. From standard service, PEM upgrades and repairs to collision repair, parts service and paint.

Any electric vehicle welcome

Repair Services for Electric Vehicles

Your EV has some aches and pains or was damaged in an accident? The body is dented, the air conditioner is on strike or there’s something wrong with the battery? Then make an appointment and bring it in. In most cases, we can repair the damage and get your vehicle back on the road quickly.

Services for Electric Vehicles

Tire Service, Wheel Replacement and Balancing
Air Conditioning Service
Cabin air filter replacement
EV main inspection

Your electric vehicle has trouble?

Just bring it to us or make an appointment to pick it up. In most cases we can fix the damage in a timely manner and get you both back on the road.

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