Service with freedom

Our all-round carefree package for you and your vehicle. We take care of all the aches and pains around your electric car. From standard service, to PEM upgrade (roadster), to accident repair, parts service and complete restoration.

The HV-certified master workshop – only for electric vehicles

What we do for your electric vehicle

Roadster Winterization

Winterize your roadster in our rust-free facility with constant monitoring of the load.

Accident Repair

We make sure your electric vehicle is back on the road quickly after an accident.


Training for automotive service professionals and emergency personnel working on or near high-voltage components.


We optimize windows, doors, gaps, etc. So you can enjoy the ride without the noise.

Maintenance and Service

We thoroughly inspect your EV and improve its performance. Even if you don’t need an oil change, our maintenance services are designed to ensure longevity and safety.

E-vehicle broken? no need to panic

Our excellent service for you and your electric vehicle stands for reliability and performance.

Our Mission

“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”
Charles Kettering (1876-1958)

This quote from the American engineer is more relevant today than ever. Gasoline and diesel engines are still the most common ways to power a vehicle. But in all likelihood, the future belongs to electromobility. Producing vehicles that run solely on electric power represents a major challenge for the automotive industry. The same applies to the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles. If we want to remain mobile in the future, we have to face this challenge and break new ground.

Working for tomorrow’s mobility

What can we do for your electric vehicle?

We take care for your electric vehicle, no matter what make or model it is.

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