When talking about hardware, e-vehicles have clear advantages over combustion enginges. Many components such as camshaft, exhaust system or piston are non-existent and therefore cannot get damaged. Also the brake pads need to be replaced less because they wear out significantly slower.

Your electric vehicle requires neither annual inspections nor oil changes. Nevertheless, we can still do a lot in order to preserve and improve its performance, reliability, longevity and safety. You should bring your Tesla to us for regular maintenance. We take a close look at the exterior and interior and take action where necessary.

Our excellent service for your e-vehicle hardware

Car body

The Car body is more than just an outer shell. It consists of the frame, which provides the vehicle’s structure and supports its loads; body panels, which define its shape; and dampers, which absorb shocks and affect handling.

EVs are designed to have the lowest possible drag, acceleration, rolling and hill climbing resistance. Aluminum, lightweight plastics, and carbon fiber are also used because they offer greater strength and lower weight than traditional materials.

All parts of the car body are in need of regular maintenance in order to maintain their function and prolong their service life. This includes the replacement of damaged or worn parts, as well as cleaning, maintenance and corrosion protection.

We keep your EV body in good shape.

Don’t wait, get it serviced

No need for an oil change? Come see us anyway.
We’ll take a close look at your EV and give you a hand where it’s needed. You’ll be safer on the road and enjoy it longer.

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