A new driving experience

Do you remember how buying a car used to work? You went to a car dealership, a salesperson showed you different models, you took a test drive and later on talked about equipment requests and, finally, the price. With Tesla and other manufacturers all of this happens digitally. In just a few moments you can visit the website, configurate your dream car and order it. The handover is very simple as well: Activate the app on your smartphone and you are ready to go. There are no instructions and if you have never driven an electric car before: prepare yourself for a completely new driving experience! Since the growl of the combustion motor is missing, you will suddenly notice driving noises such as the wind or the wheels more prominently and the process of charging the battery is a mystery.
Is wind noise getting on your nerves, is the charging process giving you trouble, and is your new electric vehicle not running smoothly yet? Then bring it to us!

After a stay with us, your vehicle will be much quieter, more stable and more economical.

Less noise – more driving fun

The bad news first: Wind noises -especially when driving fast- can become pretty annoying. But here comes the good news: You don’t have to resign yourself to that. Just book an appointment and bring your car to us, we can do a lot against unwanted noise. We install, for example, additional sealings at your car’s doors, hood, trunk lid or roof windows. By doing this we don’t just minimize driving noise but also protect your car’s interior against dust, foliage and other dirt. In many cases insulating mats are also helpful. In addition, we can adjust the gap size in the roof and chassis.

Charger support

Relaxed driving and a wide range are not just dependant on the vehicle. We can show you ways to optimize power consumption and charging time. Also we can provide a suitable wallbox for your garage if required so that you can charge your Tesla at home just as easily as on the road. Additionally, you can send your Tesla to a cozy hybernation with permanent battery monitoring in our frost-protected hangar.
With regular checks, maintenance and cleaning, we ensure that your EV’s battery lasts a long time with stable performance.

Universaly positioned

We optimize all EVs. From the classic Tesla Roadster to the latest models from other brands and manufacturers.

Drop by with your EV

We can tune your EV, no matter what brand or manufacturer.
It will be much quieter, the new suspension tuning will make it more stable, and it will be more economical.

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