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Mars Orbiter was inspired by the Tesla Roadster, which was sent into space on a SpaceX rocket in February 2018. Only 2,500 copies of this legendary first all-electric sports car were built and support has since been discontinued. Our mission is to support the Roadster fleet in Germany and Europe in a way that maintains the drivability and value of the vehicles.

We make sure that your Tesla Roadster runs reliably and that it retains its value over the long term.

What motivates us

The Tesla Roadster, which debuted in 2006, is the first all-electric two-seat sports car. Its body, similar to the Lotus Elise, is made of carbon fiber laminate. Only 2,500 units of this innovative vehicle have been built in the world. They now enjoy cult status, and prices for well-preserved examples are steadily rising. It was almost impossible to find someone to repair Tesla Roadsters after Tesla stopped supporting them. This – and our own enthusiasm for the Roadster – led to the decision to set up a workshop for it.

Your Tesla Roadster Doctor in Europe

For a long time, Tesla Roadster enthusiasts had to worry about the service and repair of their beloved collector’s item. Fortunately, Mars Orbiter has been established 2019. The fact is that most Tesla Roadsters impress their owners with high mileage without major problems. And if something does break, we can almost always fix it. Your Roadster has a boo-boo or was damaged in an accident? Make an appointment and bring it in. In most cases, we can get you back on the road in no time.

Where can I find spare parts?

The Tesla is often referred to as an “iPhone on wheels”. Like the iPhone, it seems to be designed in such a way that entire modules cannot be repaired, but only completely replaced. But be honest: although the Roadster is no longer in production, there are still original spare parts available and now also alternatives from other manufacturers. Looking for parts for your Tesla Roadster? Don’t waste your time on dubious internet auctions, make an appointment and bring it to us. We’ll replace faulty parts. From hard or soft tops to complete restorations.

How we get your Roadster back on the road

We offer an all-inclusive, carefree package for you and your vehicle. We take care of all your Roadster needs. From standard service, PEM upgrade, repair, ESS recovery, parts service to painting and reconditioning. If required, you can also have it winterized in our frost-free hall with constant charge monitoring. We will make sure that your Tesla Roadster will run reliably and that its value will be maintained in the long run.

You Roadster in the best hands

Your Tesla Roadster has trouble or was damaged in an accident? There is a dent in the chassis, the air conditioning won’t work or there’s a problem with the battery? Just make an appointment and bring your car to us. In most cases we can fix the damage in a timely manner and get you both back on the road.

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